P07 - Maternal, Neonatal, Child, Adolescent, Youth and Older People’s Health


Despite making significant progress, the health situation of mothers and children in the region is still marked by a high mortality rates, hence the inability of the countries to achieve MDGs 4 & 5. This is why MNCH continues to be a major priority for the region. Likewise the health situation of adolescents, young and old people is...

P06 - Traditional Medicine


The products of Traditional Medicine (TM) continue to be the main source of health care for the vast majority of the population. It is for this reason that ECOWAS Member States have adopted several resolutions and declarations aimed at institutionalizing TM in their national health systems. However, weak regulatory and legislative frameworks, inadequate collaboration between practitioners of TM and...

P05 - Medicines, Vaccines and other Health Products


Medicines are inaccessible for the majority of West Africans. This inaccessibility contributes to the persistence and spread of diseases in the ECOWAS region. Although production capacity exists in the region, most of the medicines are still imported. Furthermore, production and efficacy of medicines and vaccines depend on several factors among which  are, an effective regulatory regime, enforcement of...

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