P04 - Health Promotion


The health situation in the region is characterized by poor integration of the social determinants of health in development strategies and policies. The main elements are education, hygiene and basic sanitation, nutrition, communication for behavioural change, multi-sectoral collaboration, access to potable water, climate change and household incomes. In addition there is weak ownership of health programmes by communities....

P03 - Epidemics and other Health Emergencies


The West African region is frequently affected by recurring epidemics of measles, cholera, meningitis, Lassa fever and yellow fever, and since 2014 with the the Ebola virus disease, for which the national health systems are not adequately prepared to provide an appropriate response. In addition, very often the region is faced with natural and/or man-provoked disasters which can...

P02 - Disease Control


The epidemiological profile of the region is marked by persist communicable diseases including neglected tropical diseases, increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases and problems of nutrition. Among the communicable diseases, malaria represents the primary cause of morbidity and mortality. Tuberculosis continues to be of concern especially with the emergence of multi-resistance and co-infection tuberculosis/AIDS, which is the leading cause...

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